Friday, November 09, 2007

While in Helsinki we visited a high school. I was very distressed to hear about the school shooting near Helsinki shortly after my return home. I was pleased to hear it wasn't the school we visited but very distressed that this disturbing trend has moved to yet another country.

The students at the school I visited all looked very relaxed and friendly. There were lots of open areas with tables, chairs, sofas etc where students congregated in their breaks.

All students receive a free lunch at school. The school also had a tuck shop with decidedly unhealthy food for sale. There were however very few overweight students to be seen. This was despite the fact the students could not go outside at breaks on many days.


  1. Chris Hayden8:35 am

    Hi Jan-Marie. Really great to see the article in Interface Mag which followed up on your experiences overseas. Well done and a well-deserved reward for such dedicated ICT work with your enthusiastic students.

    Chris Hayden

  2. Thanks Chris

    That was a good article. My rewards come from seeing the ways students respond.