Friday, June 21, 2013

Confusing and Perplexing

Ramsay Musallam believes our job as teachers is to confuse and perplex our students and evoke real questions. He believes we need to cultivate curiosity and inquiry.
He gives 3 rules:
1. Curiosity comes first.
2. Embrace the mess.
3. Practice reflection.

If we followed his advice from this TED talk then classrooms would be exciting places where real learning was taking place. He makes a valid comment about Flipped classrooms being no improvement if they just deliver the same boring content in a digital way.


  1. Ramsey Musallam is a great proponent of flipped learning. As with all pedagogies, flipping can be abused, but at its finest is transformational. The power of video is just amazing in education. I wish it was around when I was at school/university so that I had a chance to go back over content and concepts that I found difficult to process. I do enjoy is now in my lifelong learning journey!

  2. I totally agree, used well the flipped classroom approach has many advantages whether it be for freeing up class time for discussion and creative work on content, for student review or for students who have been absent to catch up.